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Author Christine Gael

Cricket Hawthorne’s marriage may have been on life support for the past two decades, but finally pulling the plug and starting over at forty-eight is tougher than she’d imagined. Especially when she winds up back in her hometown of Rocky Knoll living in her Mee-maw’s basement and working at her cousin’s bakery for grocery money. Not exactly the life she’d dreamed of…\


La Pierre, Louisiana had never seen anything like Maeve Blanchard, and they never will again. After 75 years, five husbands, four daughters, and one bootleg whiskey ring, Maeve has finally been called home to be with the Lord…or with someone, somewhere, at any rate. But while Maeve took her impending demise in stride, her four girls have had their worlds turned upside down.

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Celia Burrows thought she had it all—a handsome husband, two successful children, and a gorgeous beach house on the Northern coast of Maine. But her perfect life cracks apart when her husband of thirty years informs her that he’s leaving. In a note. And since problems come in threes, her adult children reveal they’ve both been struggling with issues of their own.

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Anna Sullivan has spent the last thirty years traveling solo around the world as a nature photographer, and she’s loved every minute of it. But suddenly, the nights seem long and lonely, and she looks forward to her trips away from Bluebird, Maine and her sisters, Cee-cee and Steph, less and less. When a cruel twist of fate brings her back home, Anna reevaluates everything in her life. Can she find happiness in the town she’s spent a lifetime running away from?

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Stephanie Ketterman has been doing her level-best to find a new normal since her beloved husband’s tragic death two years ago, but it’s been a real struggle. After nearly three decades of wedded bliss with Paul, filling the gaping hole he left behind seems impossible. How can she look forward to her future when her heart is firmly stuck in the past? But when she begins to find evidence of secret trysts and cryptic notes written shortly before his death, she’s forced to re-examine everything. What if perfect wasn’t so perfect after all?

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